Should the Detroit Tigers pursue Derek Lowe?

I don’t know abut this one. Before we start debating about what teh Detroit Tigers should do, let us examine what exactly Starting Pitcher Derek Lowe is. He is a 38-year-old starting pitcher with a 2011 ERA of 4.30. He is due to make the balance of 15 million dollars in 2011, and another 15 million dollars in 2012. For the Tigers, he has some added value, as he is a native ofMichigan, and attendedEdselFordHigh School(inDearborn,MI). What he would actually give them on the field is very debatable.

The Tigers could probably get him on the cheap. The Atlanta Braves have done very well and would likely get the same production from one of their prospects in Triple A ball as they are getting from Lowe. In that sense a trade like this makes some senses. Bringing in a hometown kid, to help make a stretch run.

On the plus side Lowe’s 4.30 ERA would be the second lowest among the Tigers starting rotation. That says a lot about this team in of itself. They could use a fifth starter as Phil Coke has been moved back to the pen, and suitable replacement is currently on the roster (many Tigers critics would also say a suitable replacement does not reside in the Tigers system either).

With that being said this cat is due to make a ton of money, and the Tigers are already a team loaded with bad contracts. I don’t see how adding another one improves the team enough (in this case) to justify the expense.

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