Molly Schuyler Devours 72-Ounce Steak In Record 5 Minutes

If you’re like just about everyone, you probably have a food you enjoy the most; even people who don’t care about eating in general probably have that one food that they highly favor. And then there are people who take their indulgence to an extreme that most people wouldn’t even fathom: making eating a lot out of a career. Molly Schuyler is one such woman, and now she’s in the news for her landmark of foodie consumption: devouring a 72-ounce steak in 5 minutes.

In the original article by NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Molly Schuyler is described as a “professional eater.” These are the “athletes” who usually compete in competitive eating, in which its league is known as Major League Eating. She is accustomed to being around people who eat food in copious amounts, such as 100 hot dogs. Molly Schuyler’s professional trained food chops and digestive system have prepared her enough to consume a steak that weighs almost five pounds. That’s the weight of a small bag of flour in grocery food stores, or half the weight of the average adult human head.

That is a monumental feat by itself for Molly Schuyler, who weighs only 125 pounds. There are people who frequent Chinese buffets that can’t even eat half that much. But she goes above and beyond the call of duty — and the record — when she eats another 72-ounce steak, this time in less than 10 minutes. If you’re keeping track, that is about 9 pounds, meaning she ate enough steak that is just shy of the weight of the average adult human head. Compared to Molly Schuyler, that is almost 8 percent of her body weight.

And if you want to add all of the meals together, the 72-ounce steaks were part of a steak dinner which included a baked potato, shrimp, salad, and a bread roll. Molly Schuyler ate those, too.

According to a second report by Newsmax, the previous record was held by Joey Chestnut. He ate the 72-ounce steak in eight minutes and 52 seconds back in 2008.

molly wings

Molly Schuyler isn’t a stranger to the news here on The Inquisitr. We reported earlier this year on how she broke another eating record for chicken wings. Personally, I would have had a troublesome time with just twenty, especially if they were drenched in some sort of hot sauce.

If there is one positive — besides the one Molly Schuyler earned by breaking the record — it is that the restaurant, The Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas, will get a lot of attempts now that Schuyler has set the standard. Tony Love, the restaurant’s pit master, confirmed this:

“Yeah, that’s a challenge to all the males, you know what I am saying? If you can’t eat two, then you’ve done nothing, you know what I’m saying?”

It probably will humiliate most male egos even more if they found out that Molly Schuyler was willing to eat another steak dinner… after her second one. She did say she hopes to do so in a future competition. If you have the stomach to watch anyone eat food quickly, the video of Molly Schuyler’s record-breaking endeavor is shown in the video below.

[Images via Molly Schuyler via Competition Photos]