‘My Car Was Hit By A Meteorite’, Claims Ohio Man!

This story is as weird as it gets. A man from Kettering, Ohio, is convinced that his car was hit by a wayward meteorite in the middle of the night. Joe Massa told WHIO that his car was hit by the meteorite while he was driving his Buick in the center lane on the I-75 North, early Sunday morning. The time was around 2 am.

According to Joe, the falling meteorite resulted in a shadow and a beam of light and caused the car to veer on to the far left lane upon impact. All this happened within a split second. Joe said he did get a glimpse of the fast moving meteorite from the corner of his eye.

“I could see something. It was a light, shadow, a beam of light, small. Within a split second, something hit me, the front of the car was pushed over into the far left lane.”

The impact he says was pretty dramatic and it created a big flash. He adds that the impact caused “pressure in the car” which was also felt in his ears. It didn’t immediately dawn upon Joe that this could be a meteorite. Seconds after the impact, he pulled over to the side to check for damage, wondering if he had hit a deer or a dog. He was unable to find anything else that could have caused the impact that damaged the right front bumper of his Buick. It was only then that he figured out that it could have been a meteorite that hit his car.

Later, Massa went to a gas station in the vicinity where he saw two officers – one from the West Chester Police Department and another from Ohio Highway Patrol and told them his story. Investigators are still trying to find out if Massa’s claims are indeed true.

Joe Massa claims that the impact caused by the meteorite on the car bumper seems to show a downward motion. The impact he says could only be caused by something that fell from the sky and struck his car with tremendous force. Massa’s tryst with this meteorite comes days after The Inquisitr had reported about a meteorite shower that was predicted due to the presence of the tail of a comet within the earth’s atmosphere.

While people are still skeptical about Joe Massa’s meteorite hit claims because of the extremely low probability of that happening, do you think the man could be telling the truth after all? Meteorite showers are common occurrences, and once in a while, a small chunk of an errant space rock could actually reach the surface of the planet.

[Image via Dee Moorman, WHIO]