Elliot Rodger’s Main Romantic Obsession Revealed In Bikini By NY Post Sparks Outrage

Over the weekend, every news outlet was scrambling to cover the chaos that occurred when alleged UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger went on his deadly rampage, killing six people and then himself.

Prior to the murders, Rodger posted a video that has now gone viral, explaining he was planning to teach everyone a lesson because women didn’t find him sexually attractive. In a eerily calm voice, Rodger made it abundantly clear his ‘lesson’ included killing as many female UCSB students as possible.

Since Friday night’s shooting, outlets have been trying to figure out what went wrong, just how calculating Rodger was, and why his parents couldn’t intervene, even though, according to reports, they frantically tried help their son.

The NY Post took a different approach by publishing a bikini photo and naming one woman that rebuffed Rodger’s advances as the reason for the bloodshed.

The New York Post’s story was about the woman that Elliot singled out in his 137 page autobiography, which also went viral after he e-mailed it to his parents before leaving for his killing spree. In the cover story, the New York Post labeled one student, “The Woman the UCSB Killer Blamed for His Misogyny.”

In his manifesto, Rodger described the woman as an “evil b–ch” and pointed to her as one of the reasons he hated women and wanted to teach them a lesson:

“I hated her so much, and I will never forget her. I started to hate all girls because of this. I saw them as mean, cruel and heartless creatures that took pleasure from my suffering.”

In the coverage, the New York Post decided to use her full name, probably because the woman is not a minor. In addition, they used undoctored photos of her face and a bikini shot which was pretty risque. As one could guess, many people were disappointed and disturbed by the angle the NY Post took while covering the Elliot Rodger shooting spree.

Other outlets such as the Daily News decided to pixelate the woman’s photo and used the trending hashtag #YesAllWomen on their front page as it’s been a slogan for victimized women all over the world in the wake of the massacre.

The New York Post has yet to comment on their story.

Below is Elliot’s day of retribution video: