‘The Evil Within’ Release Date Delayed For A More Fitting Time Of Year

The release date for The Evil Within has been delayed, as the new survival horror title from the creator of Resident Evil is set for a more fitting time of year. Considering that Resident Evil is a Capcom franchise, and one of their most successful now (thanks to a long-running film series), Bethesda Softworks decided to simply make their own game that takes the premise and turns it a little darker.

The similarities might just take some of Capcom’s fan base and bring them over, since Resident Evil has strayed further and further from its much simpler origins. Shinji Mikami is the mind behind this new horror title, one of the originals behind Capcom’s flagship series. His influence can be seen in the Evil Within gameplay and the overall distinct style. This game takes the zombie approach and turns it up, making enemies nearly impossible to eliminate without burning them to ash with your limited supply of matches.

Originally slated for an August launch, the Evil Within release date has been postponed until October 24 in Europe, and possibly a close followup release in North America, but it seems to be centered around Halloween.

The story appears to begin with you escorting a doctor through a hospital, looking for his lost patient. As soon as you find the patient, the horror begins. Horribly disfigured monsters start blocking your path and you’re given no choice but to fight.

Sadly, the inventory system seems to be borrowed from Resident Evil as well, limiting you to only five matches at a time, so you’ll be spending a lot of your time avoiding monsters or running. Your character is also relatively out of shape, since he gets winded rather quickly and has to stop to catch his breath in the demo.

With the Evil Within release date hitting around Halloween in Europe, it appears Bethesda Softworks developer Shinji Mikami is looking to cash in on our need for scares.

[image via IGN]