Rare Sawfish Caught In Florida, Weighed Over 500 Pounds

A rare sawfish which was caught accidentally by fisherman in southern Florida gave them the surprise of a lifetime, and took them a good two hours to bring to shore.

Dustin Richter was one of the fisherman involved, and along with some help, managed to catch the rare 11-foot long fish.

Sawfish are known to be quite dangerous, as they are a type of shark; thankfully they are far more docile, and don't generally attack anything unless provoked.

In Richter's own words:

"Catching a fish like that is like once in a lifetime. It's just one of those prehistoric-looking animals. If you see them you're lucky to see them and if you catch them you're even luckier."

Usually rare, sawfish like the one caught use their snouts to catch and kill their prey and are so named due to their saw-like teeth which they have on each side of their snouts, making them look a little bit like an aquatic chainsaw.

Of course, the lucky fishermen captured the whole thing on video and snapped (excuse the pun) some photos once the fish was safely on dry land. They then released it back into the ocean, as they didn't want to kill the rare sawfish.

The Endangered Species Act protects sawfish, which fall under the category of "critically endangered," and, according to the law, must be released if caught. For the proud fisherman, they had no problem releasing the fish back into the ocean, having taken the video and photos.

Much as it was an honor and a great achievement for the fishermen who caught the rare sawfish, releasing it back to the wild was, of course, the right thing to do. Nevertheless, Dustin Richter and his fishing friends won't forget their experience in a hurry and, fortunately, have the pictures to prove it.