Rolling Stones Tour Resumes After Death Of Jagger's Partner

Sorcha Szczerbiak

The Rolling Stones' tour was put on hold in March after Mick Jagger's partner committed suicide. However, last night in Oslo, Norway. the band were able to get things back on track for the first time since that incident.

L'Wren Scott had been Mick Jagger's partner for 13 years, and news of her sudden passing rocked the band so much that they abruptly postponed their 14 On Fire tour. However, last night, the 70-year-old Rolling Stones frontman gave it his all while singing songs like "Emotional Rescue" and "Worried About You." Both of those were well received by the audience. The song "You Can't Always Get What You Want," perhaps one of the most famous tunes in the Stones' catalog, was enhanced at last night's gig with help from the Bergen's Edvard Grieg Youth Choir. Then, the musicians decided to end their concert with a literal bang by shooting off colorful fireworks.

This performance on the Rolling Stones tour was sold out, and attracted a crowd of 23,000 music lovers. Although the leader of the Rolling Stones did not mention the death while he engaged in between-song banter, he did prove to be impressively fluent in Norwegian.

Jan Martin Schultz is a 55-year-old Rolling Stones fan who was at the Norway date, and she admitted in an Associated Press article as being impressed by the amount of energy displayed on stage. He discussed having seen the Rolling Stones in the 1980s, and thinking they "seemed old," but said, "They didn't seem old tonight."

Schultz had traveled to the Rolling Stones concert with two friends, both of whom agreed with his assessment of the band's energy level

In addition to support from Rolling Stones bandmates Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts, the musician's son James and daughter Lizzie were in attendance at the Telenor Arena to show solidarity for their grieving father. Former Rolling Stones bandmate Mick Taylor came to the gig too, and was quoted in an article from the Belfast Telegraph as saying "We're all looking forward to it, but we're a bit nervous. Mainly nervous for Mick."

The 49-year-old fashion designer L'Wren Scott was found hanged in her Manhattan apartment this spring. After the fact, the Rolling Stones musician opened up in a heartfelt way about his grief, saying "I am still struggling to understand how my lover and best friend could end her life in this way."

After finishing up in Scandinavia, the Rolling Stones will perform in cities like Zurich and Tel-Aviv.

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