Justin Bieber Is Team Scooter Braun After Lil Wayne Death Threats, Posts ‘All Love’

Justin Bieber’s relationship with Scooter Braun – the man who changed his life at the tender age of 12 when Braun accidentally clicked on a clip of the then YouTube singing sensation – seems to be holding strong after a death threat made by YMCMB boss/rapper Lil Wayne to Braun.

Hours after video of Lil Wayne threatening Braun in defense of under-the-radar Bieber pal and Young Money rapper Lil Twist went viral, the 20-year-old superstar posted two pictures suggesting his solidarity lies with his manager.

Justin uploaded “then” and “now” snaps of himself and Braun hugging.

He captioned it, “All love.”

In addition to the images, Bieber’s seeming show of unity is underlined by subsequent Vine postings of the pair acting out humorous scenarios.

Justin Bieber And Scooter Braun

(Photo: Instagram.)

During Lil Wayne’s 56-second video, the Tha Carter V artist puts a paternal arm around Lil Twist while accusing Braun of “talkin’ sh– about my little brother.”

Throughout the clip, Weezy also refers to Bieber affectionately as his “lil brother.”

Lil Wayne adds, “N—a this my motherf—in’ brother, anything you got to say, when you see me say it to my motherf—in’ face.”

“And if you do happen to say it to my motherf—in’ face,” the rapper went on, “I ain’t gonna make you eat them words n—a, I’ma put them b*****s on your tombstone.”

Lil Wayne’s threat to Braun arises from an accusation made by Lil Twist during his Twitter tirade on Braun last November, when the Texas native claimed the manager planted negative stories about him in the media to keep Justin “squeaky clean.”

From May 2013 to December, media reports appeared stating Braun thought Lil Twist and his brother Lil Za were a “bad influence” on the singer.

These reports followed a string of traffic incidents — involving Lil Twist while driving Bieber’s cars; accusations of raucous parties held by Za and Twist at Justin’s Calabasas, California home while he was touring, which led to disputes with residents; claims that Twist introduced Bieber to marijuana and allegedly sizzurp; an allegation of jewelry going missing under the rappers “watch” – and a battery claim made against Lil Twist by a woman while at a party at Bieber’s pad last August when the singer was away.

Although the battery claim was later dropped against Lil Twist, at the time it was claimed that’s what prompted Braun to demand Bieber sever ties with the rappers and evict them.

Although Lil Za and Lil Twist either left or were thrown out of Bieber’s former home, the star’s friendship with Twist may have survived — just as it did with Za.

Recent video showing Lil Twist and Bieber hanging out in Cannes, France, while Lil Wayne played a May 22 club date suggests Bieber and the Bad Decisions rapper are still pals.

In addition, Bieber affiliation to the YMCMB label appears strong, bearing in mind his recent studio dates with Austin Mahone and his Las Vegas walk-out of boxer Floyd Mayweather with Lil Wayne.

Over the years, Braun and Bieber’s millions-generating relationship has reportedly echoed a father and son dynamic.

It reportedly became strained as Justin aged, Braun took on more artists, and the great acting out of 2013-14 began — helped in no small part by tabloid-angled media coverage.

But, whatever “All love” may mean in practical terms, for now it seems Bieber and Braun are united against Lil Wayne’s threats.

Bieber’s first vine with Braun is captioned: “Posture on point. “

The second vine: “Why right beside me [?]”