Steve Perry Hits The Stage After 19-Year Absence [Video]

Steve Perry fans who attended a recent concert by indie rock band the Eels were in for a treat during the group’s encore.

After nearly 19 years away from the stage, the former Journey frontman surprised everyone by performing a few songs with the aforementioned band. Not surprisingly, folks who longed for Perry’s return were thrilled to see the guy back in action once again.

Ultimate Classic Rock reports that Steve Perry’s triumphant return took place during the Eels’ show at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since nobody knew that Perry would appear during the concert, people in the audience were quite surprised when the singer took the stage.

During the encore, Steve Perry belted out such beloved tunes as “Open Arms” and “Touchin’ Lovin’ Squeezin’.” Since folks were understandably excited by the guy’s unexpected performance, many were more than willing to sing along with him during the show.

According to Yahoo! Music, Perry also performed the Eels’ tune “It’s a Motherf**ker.” While the song features a few more expletives that are generally found in Steve’s music, apparently he was extremely eager to tackle the song during the show.

“I love that song… When I first met [Everett], I said someday I wanted to sing that song. And tonight is the first time I’ve ever sang it,” Perry explained to the crowd.

The website reports that the former Journey frontman stopped performing with the legendary band back in 1991. Although he still scheduled a few solo shows after parting ways with the group, Perry hasn’t performed live since 1995. Steve has encountered a number of hardships over the years, including “ongoing arthritis, hip-replacement surgery in 1998, [and] two melanoma-removal surgeries in 2013.” The singer also lost his wife to breast cancer in 2012.

However, it would appear that Steve Perry felt well enough to join the Eels for a few songs. Judging from these Twitter reactions, the singer’s fans are extremely happy to have him back.

Are you bummed that you didn’t catch Steve Perry during the Eels show in St. Paul?

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