Jefferson Davis H.S. Student Secretly Records Teacher Calling Him The “N” Word In Front Of His Class

The mother of a Montgomery, Alabama high school student is enraged by the actions of her son’s teacher who berated him openly in a classroom full of his peers.

The mother, who was identified only as “Bailey,” said her son’s math teacher not only gave her son an unfair grade, but also publicly humiliated her son in front of his class.

According to WSFA, Bailey’s son is a junior and an honor student at Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery, Alabama, but Bailey says her son recently got a grade well below his average — a 23 out of 100.

After receiving such a poor grade, Bailey said her son tried to inquire several times with his teacher about his grade, but his teacher, Dalsity Pinkston, refused to oblige his request. In a turn of events, Bailey said the principal told her Pinkston admitted to “simply making up the grade.”

The day following the conference with the principal, Bailey says her son walked into Pinkston’s classroom and heard the teacher spewing hateful comments about him in front of his classmates. Bailey said her son began to record his teacher on his cell phone.

Some may find the following information offensive

On the recording obtained by CBS Atlanta, you can hear the teacher say “he’s a f***** a** boy. Ask him. I’ll tell her in the conference.”

The recording is full of racial and gender slanders. At one point you can hear her say, “Kalin such a b**** a** ni****.”

Pinkston also threatens violence to the student: “I’m so ready cause I’m gonna smash her g** a** son in the face. F***** lies.”

Bailey told CNN that the principal heard the recording and promised her that Pinkston would be placed on administrative leave. But according to the mother of the victimized student, the teacher was back in the classroom and teaching again the day after the principal acknowledged the teacher’s abusive language and behavior.

WSFA reported that they heard from officials at the Montgomery Public School System, and said Pinkston will not be returning to any MPS school next year because the board chose not to renew her contract.

Bailey says she feels good about the board’s decision.

Requests to speak with Pinkston were not returned successfully to any news outlet.

The failing grade given to the student will not affect his overall average, and he is still able to earn an A from the class.

[Photo Credit: Jefferson Davis]