Hurricane Amanda Upgraded To Category 4 Storm

Hurricane Amanda has been upgraded to a Category four storm, although current reports are saying that the storm may be weakening. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, the storm began as a tropical storm but was bumped up to the first hurricane of the 2014 Pacific season.

ABC News has reported that Hurricane Amanda was not threatening land as of Monday afternoon, but would remain a powerful Category four storm far off Mexico’s Pacific coast. Fox News added that Hurricane Amanda has now become the strongest May hurricane on record for the Eastern Pacific “with sustained winds of up to 155 mph.”

The Weather Channel stated that Hurricane Amanda formed Thursday afternoon as a tropical depression about 635 miles south-southwest of Manzanillo, Mexico. The Category four Hurricane is now drifting north-northwest, and forecasts are predicting that it will continue in this direction through Tuesday.

While the storm did grow rapidly over the weekend, it is expected to weaken over the next few days. According to ABC News, while Hurricane Amanda isn’t expected to have any major effect on land, Mexico’s National Meteorological Service said rains associated with the storm were likely to drench much of western and central Mexico.

“Mexico’s national civil protection authorities urged people living near the coast to keep an eye out for swelling rivers and potential mudslides in mountainous areas, and to listen to broadcasts about the storm’s location and possible effects.”

The Weather Channel added that the Hurricane should weaken quickly and because “its slow motion is stirring up the waters beneath it [the storm]” its allowing colder water to come to the surface. “Additionally, increasing vertical wind shear and dry air will start to disrupt its circulation.”

Hurricane Amanda is expected to weaken to a tropical depression sometime around Thursday, and maybe sooner, according to current forecasts. Check back with The Inquisitr as more information on Hurricane Amanda becomes available.

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