Miguel Cabrera Pets Adrian Beltre On Head, Third Baseman Fights Back [Video]

Miguel Cabrera apparently was not informed that Adrian Beltre is very insecure about having other people pet him on the head. Last Friday night, Cabrera found out what happens when you try to get in Beltre’s head.

Miguel Cabrera, who is having another monster season, hit a double against the Texas Rangers in the third inning. After Cabrera advanced to third base on a ground ball, Rangers’ pitcher Scott Baker and catcher Robinson Chirinos had a short conference on the mound. That gave Cabrera and Adrian Beltre a chance to catch up on life and baseball. Unfortunately for Miguel, he got a little too personal with Beltre.

miguel cabrera adrian beltre

Whoops. One has to wonder if Miguel Cabrera knew about Beltre’s hatred of being treated like a common house pet? Cabrera is not the first baseball player to receive swift retaliation for trying to show a little affection for the 5-11 Beltre. Rangers teammate Elvis Andrus, who apparently knew better, tried to cheer up Beltre with a little rub. It didn’t go well. This video compilation will help reveal the emotional distress caused by touching Adrian’s dome.

While it was pretty hilarious to watch two of baseball’s best sluggers exchange cup checks, one has to wonder, “what is up with Adrian Beltre’s cranium?” Maybe he was teased too much by the men in his family or perhaps he is really touchy about his hair. But whatever the reason, MLB should know by now, don’t try and get inside of Adrian Beltre’s head.

Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers would throw the last punch on Friday night, winning 7-2. It will be interesting to see in a future series between the Tigers and Rangers how the Detroit players treat Beltre on third base. Don’t be surprised to see a bench clearing brawl ensue if another Tigers player decides to get touchy feely with Adrian Beltre.

Imagine if Miguel Cabrera tries to give Adrian Beltre a hug when the two see each other again.

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