This ‘Kids React To Old Computers’ Video Will Make You Feel Really Old!

Popular YouTube channel The Finebros is known for its famous “Kids React To” videos where kids of today are shown various things to judge their reactions. These include music videos to movie trailers and pieces of old technology.

Of late, they have been concentrating on gauging reactions of kids to really old pieces of technology. In one such recent video, kids were shown a Walkman player, with which many of us used to proudly strut around in decades past. Surprising as it may seem, most of them kids had no idea what a Walkman was and some of them had not even seen an audio cassette ever.

The latest video from them is on similar lines – except that this one features a really old computer from the late 1970’s.

The reaction from the kids to this antiquated piece of technology is a must watch! While most of the kids immediately identified the device as a computer, they were curious as to why it had no mouse. The kids were in disbelief when they were told that there was no Internet during the time of this computer. They also found it ridiculous that the power button of the computer is at the back of the unit.

Overall, these kids’ reactions are sure to make you feel really old. It also makes you wonder the tremendous advances we have made technologically in the past four decades. Were you amazed by this latest “kids react to” video?

[Image via YouTube]