Texas Mom High on Marijuana and PCP Arrested After Attempting to Drown Her Two Children, Guess Why

A Dallas, Texas mother is behind bars after she attempted to drown her two young daughters because they kept asking her for snacks.

According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Sonya Gardner was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted capital murder. She was reportedly high on marijuana and PCP at the time of the incident. Gardner’s neighbors recounted the incident to the Dallas Police Department.

On the night of Thursday, May 22, Gardner’s oldest son, Jydesmon Gardner, was walking by the apartments when he heard the children screaming. He immediately forced his way into the apartment and fired a gun in the air. Once he figured out where the noise was coming from, he ran toward the bathroom and kicked the door down. He noticed that his two young sisters – ages 4 and 6 – were in the bathtub filled with water. His mother was trying to drown them. He grabbed the two children and ran outside of the apartment.

Donald Metcalf, a neighbor, also stated that he’d heard the children screaming and rushed to the apartment, as well.

“I grabbed both the sisters and brought them in here with my kids,” said Metcalf. “They were both soaking wet.”

Although her son’s actions were commendable, there’s just one problem: He reportedly violated his probation by firing the weapon. Although there was a justifiable reason for his actions and police officials acknowledged that his courageous actions saved the lives of his sisters, they still plan to speak with him in regards to the incident.

Dallas Police Major Rob Sherman openly expressed his hopes that Gardner’s 18-year-old son would come forward as a witness during a local press conference held on Friday, May 23.

“It appears that his actions may have saved the lives of these two children,” Sherwin said. “We would like to speak to Mr. Gardner as a witness.”

Gardner later explained that she had attempted to drown the children because they kept asking her for snacks. She also admitted that she’d been smoking marijuana earlier that day. Her two younger children have been placed in care of Child Protective Services. She is currently being held on a $1 million bond at the Dallas County jail.

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