Dallas Mom High On Marijuana Attempts To Drown Daughters Over Snacks

According to WFAA, Dallas, a Dallas mother is accused of attempting to drown her two girls in the bathtub because they kept asking her for snacks. “We were fixing to die,” said one of the daughters of the Dallas mom.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, another bad mom tied a disabled boy to bus stop while she went to work.

The girl’s mother, Sonja Gardner, attempted to drown her two daughters in the bath tub by sitting on them. Gardner later told the police that she tried to drown her two daughters, ages 4 and 6, because they kept asking for snacks.

According to neighbors, Saporia Lewis and her brother Donald Metcalf, who had talked with Gardner when she arrived home with the two girls, had thought she was acting unusual. They said she was talking incoherently and kept telling her girls to get in the house.

Minutes later they heard blood curdling screams. The young girls’ 18-year-old brother ran up the apartment stairs and came back down carrying his soaking wet 4-year-old sister. Returning to retrieve his other sister he found the door had been locked. The girls’ brother kept kicking at the door until he broke in. They heard a gunshot and he came running back downstairs with his 6-year-old sister.

“They were both at the bottom of the stairs yelling, soaking wet,” Metcalf said.

The girls brother left asking Lewis and Metcalf to take his sisters inside and watch them.

Lewis shared what the 6-year-old had told her:

“She says, ‘My mommy tried to kill me. My mommy tried to kill me and my sister.’ She said, ‘She beat me because I didn’t want to get in the tub.'”

Lewis and Metcalf did take the two frightened girls inside. They dried them off and calmed them down, playing with their own kids and drawing as events unfolded outside.

Gardner continued to act violently and reportedly was throwing things off the upstairs patio. Of when the police arrived Lewis recounted:

“When they got her in the car, she was kicking. She was kicking and screaming… The only thing I heard was, ‘Ya’ll trying to trick me. Ya’ll are trying to trick me. Ya’ll trying to make me a fool.'”

Gardner is now in Dallas County Jail and told police she had smoked marijuana laced with PCP. The two girls have been safely moved to a foster home. Gardner later told police that if her son hadn’t come into the bathroom, she would have drowned her two daughters.

What’s your opinion on this drug mom’s actions?