WWE News: When The WWE Network Is Set To Be Available To The UK

WWE has been in the process of getting its WWE Network in the homes of as many Americans as possible. The WWE Network has lost some money thus far, but the feeling among management is that once the network is available overseas, profit can be seen. While WWE has lost $8 million this past quarter on the network, the idea is that with more people on the network, the higher chances are that a profit can be made.

One would imagine that WWE would want to go overseas with the network and they have wanted to do so. The problem came down to bugs that the system had and that they needed to be fixed. WWE feels that every problem they had with the system is taken care of, and they can begin broadcasting to the United Kingdom very soon.

In fact, WWE is aiming to do this near SummerSlam. There was talk of beginning the stream two weeks after SummerSlam, though talk now suggests the streaming will start two weeks before SummerSlam. This way, UK fans can enjoy the WWE Network before the second biggest PPV of the year in WWE’s eyes.

This will allow WWE to correct any bugs before the PPV stream, so that the UK gets to see SummerSlam in a great way and more people will want to buy the Network knowing they are getting a good service.

Many internally feel that if things go well in the UK, WWE will begin to slowly go to various major countries to get the WWE Network involved in homes. It would allow WWE to expand its audience and they can make it all affordable.

Additionally, WWE has managed to work out a deal with NBC Universal to now have WWE RAW and SmackDown shows on the WWE Network up to a month old. Basically, WWE will not be allowed to put up WWE RAW tomorrow on Tuesday for the Network, as it would hurt NBC ratings.

Rather, WWE will be allowed to upload all shows as long as they are at least a month old. As of now, they have updated WWE RAW to around April 20 of this year. So now, we can get the promise of all RAW and SmackDown broadcasts being on the WWE Network. WWE was unable to do this before, understandably. However, they will make many happy with this. On top of that, they can go into the UK with this as well as other countries.

WWE can promote everything as if any fan, new or old can get the WWE Network and not be behind. On top of that, it can bring in the new fan. More than anything else, THIS is the hook WWE needs. Therefore, it will be exploited.

Plan to see the WWE Network expanding in August of this year. By the end of the year we can probably expect various countries to have the WWE Network. That is always a good thing for stockholders I’m sure.

[Image Credit: Google]