WWE News: WWE Magazine May Have Ruined The Surprise Return Of Chris Jericho

WWE has been known to, how can I put this gently… ruin surprises that could have been awesome had they not done so! Let’s be honest though, it’s not always WWE head management that make a blunder happen. Sometimes it’s a mistake from a random team that was informed by WWE of something and they did as told. But when leaks happen, a surprise is ruined.

That seemed to be the case with WWE Magazine. The June version of WWE Magazine has a lot of interesting material in it. In one of the areas of the magazine, it talks of names that would be good for the upcoming Money in Bank match at the annual PPV of the same name. It appears as if WWE will be doing one match this year instead of two, as the World Heavyweight and WWE Titles are merged to create the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

In the magazine, they talk of names for the match like Cody Rhodes, Kofi Kingston, Christian, and of course, Chris Jericho. Wait a second, did anyone catch that? Yeah, Chris Jericho. As many of us know, Jericho left the WWE a little while back. He stated that he and the WWE are on good terms, it’s just that he is busy with other projects and that WWE was not somewhere he could be right now. He never ruled out a return. He certainly never spoke of retirement.

Chris Jericho

Here is a bit of what the magazine talks about in regards to Jericho:

“Already with a Hall of Fame-worthy career, Jericho could still use a win at this event to make us forget about some lackluster recent returns to the ring. A contract cash-in would be just the thing he needs to net him a seventh World title also.”

Obviously, Jericho winning another World Title would be interesting. Would it be needed however? I am not so sure. Either way, if he were to return like Rob Van Dam did last year at the same period, it could be a fun thing. WWE does not seem to be getting CM Punk back any time soon, they’ve also lost Daniel Bryan for a couple months. Potentially up until August. So there is a need for Jericho to return if the WWE can get him.

When talking about WWE recently, Jericho had this to say about the company:

“I have a good relationship with the WWE and there’s no animosity, but it’s not like we’re calling each other every day finding out what we had for dinner that night.”

Of course, Jericho could always come back at a later date and WWE Magazine could just accidentally be talking about him like he’s a current WWE Superstar. WWE has been in talks with him, and Jericho has been excellent at keeping his last few returns to the company secret. However, sometimes you cannot foresee issues like these coming up.

The issue of WWE Magazine is set to his news stands again mid-June, so Jericho would have to return some time before that or at least be announced to return. They could put a video package together for WWE Payback like they did with RVD and Batista for their returns if they cannot figure out a good way to bring him back.

That does not mean even still that Jericho is bad. However, when WWE Magazine writes on something and it is cleared by all of management… everything in it has been put in for a reason. That being said, I think we can expect Chris Jericho to be back in the WWE sooner rather than later. Potentially within the next few weeks.