Senior Cricket Prank And How The Pennsylvania School Could’ve Used The Insects

The school year is winding down for students across the states. With all the end-of-term homework and tests, it’s easy to see how students could be getting desperate for excitement. In Pennsylvania, that excitement involved a flood of chirping crickets. Hundreds of the insects, according to administrators at Chartiers Valley School District. And the students involved were caught in-the-act upon review of the school’s security camera.

It was part of a senior prank as students released the chirping insects through the school grounds. All fun and games, and noise, until administrators announced that those involved in the prank had a stiff punishment in store… what that entails is being kept confidential. Something to do with school policies and such and such.

Here are a few things that the school could’ve done with the crickets donated by the prankster students.

Fry them up. Crickets are a quality source of protein, with 16 to 21 grams of protein per 100 grams of insect. While it may not be typical in America, crickets are a common source of food in countries around the world. So, you see, the school could be scoring points in nutrition and cultural study. Another way to serve the crickets, discreetly, would be to blend the powder into a protein shake. The idea is going mainstream and is advertised as a great source of B12.

Dianne Guilfoyle, founder of BugMuscle, explained, “[Insects] require much less space, pound for pound, than the standard livestock animal. They also have a superior input to yield ratio … In fact, with the same amount of food used between a livestock animal versus insects, approximately 400% more insect meat may result.”

Another option: Round them up for studies. Crickets are a vastly interesting insect. Biology class and chemistry class could use the little buggers, if granted permission, for education. Or send a cricket farm home as a graduation gift. Isn’t there a saying about making lemonade out of lemons? With the right instruction manual, students can be making their own cricket B12 protein shakes over the summer.

The seniors must be regretting the prank by now… or the getting caught part. Cricket pranks are a widely used scare/irritate/entertain tactic. Something about it is comic-book classic. With a little research, they could’ve learned how to pull off the prank without being caught. Like, considering crickets can be chilled into a tranquil, ready-to-thaw physical state. A little stash and run. Just saying…