Ben and Jennifer’s Breakup Rumors Denied, but Flourishing Nonetheless

Could it be true? Even though we’ve been watching all the family cuteness unfold, it looks like Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner might be headed to splitsville if Ted Casablanca’s sources are right. According to The Awful Truth, Jennifer is mulling over breaking up with her husband Ben, and his mother might be pretty happy about it if it does happen. Ted wondered if that “Could […] be the reason Jen and Ben are always seen cooing over adorable daughter Violet separately, rarely as one happy family unit?” Now that you mention it. . .

Plus, Jen did throw over Michael Vartan for Ben in the first place, so she’s not new at this whole thing. And I kept thinking she was so sweet… I guess I managed to forget all the drama.

Their rep denies the whole thing, but stay tuned. You never know!