Carrie Fisher ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Interview: Will Leia’s Hair Buns Return?

Carrie Fisher took the time to give an interview about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII and shared whether or not we will see Princess Leia wear her signature hair buns from the original trilogy.

Fisher is returning to reprise the role that propelled her obscure career into the spotlight 37 years ago. Up until that time she was mostly known for being the daughter of her very famous parents, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.

Almost 40 years ago, 19-year-old Carrie Fisher — just out of drama school — auditioned for a part in a sci-fi movie called Star Wars, to be directed by American Graffiti’s George Lucas. She got the part beating hundreds of others.

Fisher struggled with addictions, but is now sober and when she steps into the Princess’ shoes all these years later, she hopes she can bring back “the hair buns.”

The outspoken 57-year-old actress talks about the secrecy surrounding the Star Wars: Episode VII productions, which she compares to what happened during the allied invasion in World War II and also talks about getting together with the cast:

“I have to censor myself, which is not an impulse of mine. It’s literally like D-Day. If the Nazis find out we’re coming…! But I understand. There is just this insane interest. People grew up with these characters, so it’s their childhoods.”

“(Getting the cast together to read through the script was surreal) I mean, can you imagine if they, 35 years down the line, reassembled Gone with the Wind? Not that I’m comparing them. Or reassembled whatever, it’s kind of amazing. Just on the level of, like, what a trip.”

And even though she had to lose 35 pounds to reprise the role of Princess Leia Solo, she didn’t hesitate when director J.J. Abrams called her to offer her the part.

Carrie Fisher told BBC Radio Wales she will not wear the famous bikini she used in the Return Of The Jedi, which at the time was all the craze. However, she is fighting to bring the hair buns that made her character unforgettable:

“I’m fighting for the buns, but that’s always what I’m doing. I think they should make an appearance if I just walked by a rocket window and I was in buns.”

“I (originally) thought they were horrible, but I was 19 and I thought they made a mistake hiring me anyway. I thought if I kept very quiet they wouldn’t notice. George did say to me, ‘What do you think of them?’ I said, ‘I think it’s fantastic’ but I did think it was awful.”

Carrie Fisher bikini scene.

One of the things Carrie Fisher would love to have Princess Leia Solo do in Star Wars: Episode VII is go shopping: “We’ve done all these male things with guns and lightsabers, now I think we should go and get our nails done.”

[Image via Lucasfilm]