Elliot Rodger’s Many Videos And Facebook Detail The Santa Barbara Mass Shooter’s Rage Against Women

Elliot Rodger’s videos are slowly being circulated after the tragic events of the Santa Barbara shooting that occurred yesterday evening. But what exactly was the source of the rage for the Isla Vista shooter?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the last of Elliot Rodger’s videos on YouTube spelled out exactly his motive for the mass shooting:

“Tomorrow I will have my revenge against humanity, against all of you. Girls gave their affection and sex and love to other men but never to me. Girls, all I’ve ever wanted was to love you and to be loved by you. I’ve wanted sex. I’ve wanted love, affection, adoration. You think I’m unworthy of it. That’s a crime that can never be forgiven. If I can’t have you girls, I will destroy you. I’ll take great pleasure in slaughtering all of you. You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male.”

Other than his love for Pokemon, human evolution, and his prized black BMW, Elliot’s YouTube account also shows weeks worth of of videos where he confesses his inner thoughts to the world, describing a deep loneliness and his resentment toward women who had spurned the 22-year-old virgin. Apparently, this has been going on for quite a while since in one description he said, “I temporarily took all of my Vlog’s down due to the alarm it caused with some people in my family. I will post more updates in the future.” If you go to Elliot Rodger’s Facebook page there really is not much there other than a relatively large number of selfies.

Some of these videos were posted right before the shooting occurred. For example, yesterday Elliot posted a video called “Why do girls hate me so much”:

In this particular video he’s standing in front of a canyon and lamenting about how he can not get a single girl to notice him:

“I don’t know why you girls are so repulsed by me. I do everything I can to appear attractive to you. I dress nice, I am sophisticated, I am magnificent. I have a nice car, a BMW… I am polite. I am the ultimate gentleman. And yet, you girls never give me a chance. I don’t know why.”

Elliot Rodger confirms that he is a student at UCSB, which is very close to where the Isla Vista shooting took place:

“I feel so invisible as I walk through my college. Your revealing shorts, your cascading blonde hair, your pretty faces. I want one for a girlfriend.”

Rodger also attacks other guys, claiming they are not even as good as he is:

“I deserve girls much more than all those slobs…. I should be the one with the girls. I mean, look at me? I’m gorgeous. But you girls don’t see it.”

Here’s one of his Facebook photos:

Elliot Rodger Face

In this video Elliot talks about being envious when he spots another couple kissing at the beach:

Here Elliot discusses his childhood while showing off the amazing view from a balcony:

In his own words, Elliot is taking his usual lonely walk at a golf course while he explains how “unfair” his life has been:

Again, Rodger says his “life is so unfair because girls don’t want me”:

This video is from March and was reposted. In it he talks about being lonely during spring break, saying, “I took a peaceful walk through the park, trying to forget about how much fun other young people were having.”

What do you think about Elliot Rodger’s videos?