Victoria's Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio Shares Her Body Secrets

Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio is just like every other woman, she has to fight to keep in shape, especially after the birth of her children. While she tells Self magazine that she works very hard to keep in shape, she claims that having the perfect body "isn't everything."

Guess what, even Victoria's Secret models have some cellulite. According to the New York Daily News, Alessandra Ambrosio told the magazine that she won't let a little thing like spotting some cellulite slow her down.

"I'll go up and down the 170 steps (of the Santa Monica Stairs) four to six times, usually once a week," she detailed. "It definitely helps the butt and legs while you're getting a little sun and fresh air at the same time."
Now that is one heck of a workout! While the model is dedicated to her work, she says that taking time to appreciate the small things in life is a must. "If you're doing something you don't like, you're wasting your time. Life is short. There is so much to see and do and feel. We should enjoy every moment," said Ambrosio according to Fox News.
"'Forever on vacation' is my motto. It's just the way I take life. Nothing makes me feel that pissed off or out of control. Whatever I do, whether I'm modeling or doing my clothing line, ále by Alessandra, I just want to feel like it's fun."
Forever on vacation sounds like a wonderful motto to live by, but sadly, we aren't all Victoria's Secret models. But that doesn't mean that we can live up to Alessandra Ambrosio's standards when it comes to being in shape and feeling beautiful! She shared with Self magazine that she didn't always follow such a strict workout routine.
"When I started with Victoria's Secret at 21, I never worked out," she admitted. "Then when I got pregnant with my daughter, I gained about 60 pounds and had to walk the (runway) three months later."
According to the New York Daily News, that was the first time Ambrosio claimed to have to fight to get her body back. While she says that working out became a big part of her everyday life, she never let beauty take over who she was as a person. During the interview with Self magazine, the Victoria's Secret model said that she doesn't want body image to become a focus for her own daughter.

So what is her final piece of advice to women everywhere? "Accept what you have and make the most of it."

"Having a perfect body isn't everything," she added. "I want my daughter to be nice, have a good education and be disciplined. That's what makes people like her. A perfect butt doesn't make an amazing person. It's about feeling confident."
All the physical workouts won't necessarily make you feel the most confident you have ever felt, but does it help? Sure it does! It would seem like the Victoria's Secret model wants readers to know that determination and hard work will help any woman feel more confident, but the small things in life can really help, too!

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