KFC Employee Allegedly Laced Customers’ Food With Pubic Hair For Being Rude

A KFC employee of the restaurant’s branch in Cardiff, UK is currently suspended for allegedly contaminating customers’ food with pubic hair, Wales Online reports.

The stomach-turning event was revealed when the employee, anonymously posting on the Facebook page Spotted Cardiff, detailed how she laced the customers’ food with pubic hair. The customers, according to the post, allegedly told the server that she needed to “smile often”. This prompted another KFC employee – a friend of the server – to reportedly contaminate the customers’ food with pubic hair.

Here was the controversial Facebook post:

“To the girls who came through KFC drive thru on western avenue just then, between 1pm and half 1. Threatened my friend who served you because she ‘needed to smile more’? Karma’s a b***h girls, hope you enjoyed your food I made for you after over hearing the way you spoke to my girl on the head set be picking pubes out your teeth for a week, mwah xo”

Spotted Cardiff is a Facebook page managed by local citizens to allow anonymous posters from the community to give shout-outs to online Cardiffians. It currently has more than 43,000 fans.

In an interview with Wales Online, a KFC representative denied claims that the food was actually contaminated with pubic hair. However, they confirmed that a KFC employee has been suspended due to the whole incident. The KFC spokesperson said:

“We have investigated this incident and although there was an altercation in the drive-thru between the customers and a member of our team, we do not believe the food was contaminated in any way.

“We have the highest standards of food hygiene and do not tolerate even the suggestion of this kind of behaviour, and therefore the employee was suspended as soon as the matter came to our attention.”

Unfortunately, disgusting fast-food stories similar to this one happen way too often. Recently, the Inquisitr reported that a customer in China found a condom in her plate of calamari. The restaurant owner, who accused the customer of planting the condom to get a free meal, swallowed the contraceptive whole to end the dispute.

However, KFC seems to dominate these unappetizing fast-food tales. In 2008, a family from Sidney, Nebraska, won $40,000 from a lengthy lawsuit involving a sickening KFC meal they ordered, which was allegedly tainted with urine. The lawsuit claimed that the KFC employees working at the branch urinated and spat on the meal the family ordered. The employee in question admitted guilt.

What do you think? Should the KFC employee be totally fired for allegedly contaminating food with pubic hair.

[Image from Marufish via Flickr]