Wiz Khalifa Makes It ‘Rain’ Ahead Of ’28 Grams’ Release

Wiz Khalifa decided to make it rain before dropping the mixtape 28 Grams.

The rapper is the king of building buzz at the moment. Instead of just dumping a bunch of info into our laps at once, the guy is slowly sharing bits and pieces about his latest endeavors with the masses. Considering The Inquisitr has penned a number of Wiz Khalifa-oriented articles over the past few days, it would appear his plan is working.

To keep the buzz building and the ball rolling, the rapper shared a new song with his devoted legion of fans and followers. According to the folks hanging out at Rap-Up, Wiz Khalifa recently dropped a track entitled “The Rain” earlier this week. Curious parties who need to thrust the music into their ears as soon as possible should seriously consider devouring the tune embedded below.

Warning: Wiz Khalifa is known for his colorful language and drug references. If that sounds like a surefire deal breaker, then you should skip the song and simply read the rest of the article.

Although we have this snazzy new song to share with our readers, it’s still unclear when Wiz Khalifa plans to release 28 Grams. According to various hip-hop websites, the mixtape should arrive at some point in the very near future. However, it’s anybody’s guess when that day will come. As always, keep your eyes glued to the rapper’s official Twitter feed for more info.

In case you missed the cover art for Khalifa’s mixtape, here it is yet again. It’s an admittedly simple piece of work, but this writer definitely digs the cartoon vibe. Considering the collection of songs will feature his so-called “Weedmix” of ScHoolboy Q’s “Man of the Year,” it would appear that the artwork suits the material.

Once 28 Grams is out and Wiz Khalifa has finished his upcoming tour, the rapper plans to release his new album Blacc Hollywood. Although it won’t feature a collaboration with Adele, Miley Cyrus reportedly contributed an “amazing” track to the album.

“I’m just trying to get the right feature on there. It’s gon’ be a really good look. It’s gon’ be a big look. ‘Blacc Hollywood’ in general is gon’ be sonically something that people kinda expect, but it’s like they want it, so it’s gonna be a good thing for me to deliver,” he explained to Rap-Up TV.

When Wiz Khalifa finally decides to release 28 Grams, it’s safe to say he’ll have everyone’s undivided attention.