Bruno Mars Receives Words Of Wisdom From Lionel Richie

Bruno Mars recently received some friendly advice from Lionel Richie.

It's no secret that Mars is kicking all kinds of behind in the music industry right now. Not only has the guy released a best-selling album, he's also conquered the Super Bowl Half Time Show. There are people in the game who are still hoping to achieve what Bruno has accomplished in a relatively short amount of time.

However, maintaining this level of success for decades takes skill, patience, and strength. No one knows this better than Lionel Richie. Although it's unclear if Bruno Mars can stick around as long as the "Dancing on the Ceiling" singer, Richie firmly believes that the Hawaiian crooner has the chops to go the distance.

"The student is doing well. He's going to make his mistakes. But it's all right. The fact is, he's talented as hell," Lionel recently told People magazine.

He continued, "I crashed and burned a couple of times. There were moments in time that you feel, 'I think I am having a nervous breakdown.' [But] on the day that you think you are going to quit, you have five guys telling you it's going to be okay."

Of course, Richie isn't the only person who's eager to give Bruno Mars some pointers these days. According to SFGate, Mars gave Marc Anthony a call shortly before he hit the stage during this year's Super Bowl Half Time Show. The singer was more than willing to give Bruno some pointers before the event.

"I got smacked around early on, and it was hard, but to me it was part of the game. As blessed as I am, my heart goes out to any artist who has to do it on his own," Anthony explained to Men's Fitness magazine.

Check out the advice he recently gave to up-and-coming artists:

"Be responsible. Even when you lose, even if it's a bad deal, keep your word, show up on time, and be professional. That's how you maintain yourself in this industry. Even if you're losing, even if you did a show and you could have made $500 and they pay you $50 and you're pissed off, you gave your word, so you show up and let it be a lesson."
Considering Bruno Mars counts such notable Hollywood celebrities as Brad Pitt among his many fans, chances are the guy is doing something right. Here's hoping he can sustain this sort of career well into the future.

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