Dr. Oz Reveals Best Diet Foods Under Twenty Bucks

Dr. Oz Reveals Best Diet Foods

Dr. Oz is known for offering his viewers the best diet foods on the market today. But on a recent episode of his hit show, Dr. Oz was determined to thwart the common excuse that cost prevents them from dieting and eating healthy.

In a segment titled, “Diet Foods Too Cheap Not to Buy” Dr. Oz went into detail on the best products that are both healthy to consume and that don’t put a strain on your wallet. He sent his team in search of a grocery list made up of the best diet foods for under twenty bucks. Here’s what Dr. Oz and his team found.

Joined by a woman named Liz who shops for a family of three, Dr. Oz revealed that parsley, an often overlooked green leaf, was the first inexpensive diet food on the list.

“We spend a lot of time and money in the produce aisle,” Dr. Oz explained. “It’s the first place we go usually.” He then pointed out that many, including Liz, tend to skip parsley, not knowing the health benefits parsley contains. Dr. Oz described parsley as an “inexpensive detox for the whole family” and a “rich source of calcium, magnesium and iron.”

He then went on to outline a detox soup made from parsley that is both great for dieting, but also extremely cheap, clocking in at just eight cents per serving of parsley and $1.50 per serving of the soup he outlined.

Next, Dr. Oz tackled protein and the common mistake people tend to make when shopping for the best diet food.

“Most people in America, they eat chicken,” Dr. Oz explained. “[But] canned salmon is a wonderfully inexpensive option, rich in Omega 3’s that help keep your belly fat in check.” He then listed a popular recipe for salmon croquettes that cost just under thirty-five cents per serving.

Dr. Oz then introduced his audience to an alternate form of peanut butter in powdered form:

“Powdered peanut butter,” Dr. Oz explained, “has 75% less calories than regular peanut butter.” He recommended mixing it with oatmeal as one of the best diet food combinations available in the supermarket today.

Finally, Dr. Oz tackled the best, most inexpensive grains available. Quinoa, he said, is a good cheap diet food that can be prepared in an assortment of varieties. Dr. Oz went on to describe a recipe called “Quinoa Meatballs” a low cost alternative rich in grains and even protein.

So for those who claim dieting is too expensive, Dr. Oz was able to showcase a number of inexpensive foods that prove otherwise. And with summer around the corner, the time to find the best diet foods available is now.