Massive, Creepy Fog Bank Over Lake Michigan Stuns People: Video Goes Viral

fog bank over lake michigan

It started off as a normal, mundane fishing trip on the placid waters of Lake Michigan on a Wednesday, but quickly turned out to be one exciting outing for the father -son duo of Spencer and Andrew Ballard. Spencer’s son Andrew has managed to capture photos and a video of a rare phenomenon unfolding over the lake which he posted to YouTube and has now gone viral. The phenomenon was nothing but a huge fog bank that initially appeared in the distance and made a slow and steady approach towards them.

The fog bank was absolutely massive and as it approached the boat in which the duo were fishing, it was stretching out as far as the eye (and the camera) could see. It was a visually stunning experience and also eerie in some way as told to the Detroit News.

The fog bank was spotted near the northern coast of Lake Michigan, near Platte Bay. The Spencers initially thought it was just a low lying cloud that would dissipate in a while. However, things took an exciting turn when they realized that the fog bank was quickly approaching them.

When they first spotted the fog bank, it was estimated to be a good 20 miles away. But it was approaching fast.

“The fog bank crept up on our boat and then we could see that it was a cloud that was really close to the water. We thought about pulling in our lines and heading to shore but we were curious, so we decided to see what it would be like inside,”

Ballard told the media later.

While it was a normal, warm and sunny day outside the fog bank, it was a completely different story inside it. There was consistent 20 mph winds blowing inside it and the waves started getting bigger. The temperature dropped considerably as well. There was total loss of visibility and it was restricted to about 30 feet.

The National Weather Service says that the fog bank is known as an advection fog technically and that it happens when warm moist air moves over really cold lake water. According to meteorologist Deb Elliott,

“Fog develops as the air is cooled and is then moved along by wind. It can very thick and extensive; if they were swallowed up in it, their visibility could drop to almost zero.”

Ballard later added that the fog bank had occasional clearings where the clouds would part and everything became visible again – but the fog would come back quickly. In the end the father son duo had to use their GPS to find the way back to the shore.

What would have you done had a massive fog bank like this approached you?

[Image via imgur]