Darren Rainey, Mentally Ill Inmate, Dies Unspeakable Death At Guards' Hands, No One Punished

Darren Rainey spent the final moments of his 50-year life in unthinkable agony, his skin shriveling and peeling from his body as scalding hot water blasted him for over an hour, inside a locked prison shower stall from which there was no escape.

Rainey, who suffered from mental illness and was serving a two-year term in Dade Correctional Institution near Miami, Florida for cocaine possession, was just a month from the end of his sentence on June 23, 2012. But that was the day Rainey was thrown into the locked shower by correctional officer Roland Clarke at about 7:38 pm, according to a report by Dade Department of Corrections Inspector General Jeffrey Beasley.

Guards then turned on the water to maximum heat — a scalding temperature.

The Miami Herald newspaper obtained a heavily censored copy of the inspector general's report — which concluded that there was not enough information about Rainey's death to reach any conclusions.

But another inmate whose cell was located directly below the locked shower stall said that he heard Rainey's agonizing screams beginning at about 8:55.

"I can't take it no more, I'm sorry. I won't do it again,'' Rainey pleaded.

The crime for which Rainey was boiled alive as punishment? Defecating on his cell floor and refusing to clean up the mess.

Two years after his death, the state has yet to compete the mentally ill inmate's autopsy, no official cause of death has been released, and no one has been disciplined in connection with the horrific death of Darren Rainey.

The Florida Department of Corrections was investigating the death, but called of its investigation because without an autopsy it did not have enough information to proceed.

"Two years is a very long time to wait to find out why your brother was found dead in a shower,'' Rainey's brother, Andre Chapman, told the Herald.

George Mallinckrodt, a psychiatrist who worked for three years the the Dade prison's ward for mentally ill inmates, filed a complaint with the US Department of Justice in April, reporting numerous instances of guard abuse of mentally ill inmates, including the scalding death of Darren Rainey.

Guards "taunted, tormented, abused, beat, and tortured chronically mentally ill inmates on a regular basis," according to the psychiatrist's complaint who alleged that the horrible death suffered by Darren Rainey was not an unusual or unexpected occurrence in the Dade Correctional Institute.

The inmate who said that he heard Darren Rainey screaming in agony was never interviewed by investigators.