Baby Hospitalized After Mother Feeds Her Formula Mixed With Vodka

Jessica Bachmaier of Erie, Pennsylvania rushed her baby to the hospital earlier this month after she mistakenly fed her child formula mixed with vodka. The baby, named Nevaeh, was in critical condition as doctors discovered that her blood alcohol level was 0.289, three times the legal driving limit for adults.

This week, Bachmaier lost custody of her baby, who is currently in foster care.

According to Erie TV News, Bachmaier left her baby to a male friend in her house while she went out to work her second job. The male friend – whom Bachmaier described as a “known alcoholic and drug addict” – was suspected of leaving behind a bottle of vodka, which the mother inadvertently used to fix the child her baby formula after she got home from work.


The mother herself described how her baby appeared after she ingested the formula-vodka mixture:

“Her motor skills weren’t there. She wasn’t cooperating, she was like a limp noodle.”

Bachmaier said her baby was standing and falling on the ground “like a zombie” shortly after she was fed the alcoholic formula. After passing out on the coffee table, the mother allowed her to sleep for one hour and 15 minutes before she decided to bring her baby to the hospital.

That is where the mother discovered the obscene amounts of alcohol present in her baby’s system.

“I was very surprised as I don’t drink,” claimed Jessica. She added that she doesn’t keep alcohol inside her house.

It is unclear whether Nevaeh – which is heaven spelled backwards – will be able to maintain contact with her mother, despite Bachmaier losing custody of the child.

The whereabouts nor the legal involvement of the male friend who reportedly left the bottle of vodka at Bachmaier’s house has not yet been confirmed by local reports.

No charges have been filed against the mother, although she is set to suffer a legal decision prohibiting her from caring for her own child. The district attorney is currently reviewing the case.

In an unrelated yet similar report here at The Inquisitr, a babysitter was arrested in Tempe, Arizona after she allegedly forced a three-year-old to eat her own feces. Nicole Candelaria, 27, faces one count of child abuse and domestic violence. According to reports, the child accidentally defecated inside the bathtub, angering the babysitter who responded by shoving feces into the mouth of the three-year-old. She also allegedly forced her to eat a bar of soap.

What do you think? Does the mother, Jessica Bachmaier, deserve to lose custody of her child after inadvertently feeding her formula mixed with vodka?

[Image from Daily Mail]