Justin Bieber 'Grabs Heidi Klum's Breast At amfAR Gala?' Heidi Klum Doesn't Think So

"Justin Bieber grabs Heidi Klum's breast at gala in Cannes" reads part of a British tabloid's headline, but is it true?

The 20-year-old and event co-host German supermodel were among the stars at the 2014 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala, held at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d'Antibes on Thursday during the Cannes Film Festival.

Mail Online's article declares Bieber "made a grab" for Klum's breast. But from the picture, the singer's hand is resting on the mother-of-four's upper rib cage not her breast.

And what appears to be the Canadian's thumb is -- in fact -- Klum's skin peeking from the side of her gown.

But "Justin Bieber makes a grab for Heidi Klum's upper rib cage" isn't as juicy a headline.

Tellingly, Klum tweeted a photo of herself and Bieber on Friday with an enthusiastic caption and a "smiley," somewhat odd behavior for a woman supposedly recently molested.

In addition, based on our informed understanding of how celebrity photo-ops are set up, it's unlikely if not impossible that Bieber "made a grab for Heidi Klum's breast" or any other part of her body.

Photo-ops at A-list events are carefully and deliberately posed to get the best shot.

The snap below is about as far from candid as it's possible to get.

Justin Bieber And Heidi Klum

(Photo: Bieber and Klum at amfAR Gala.)

Next up on the table for misinterpretation is Ms. Klum's smile.

In the second photo of Bieber and Klum used by Mail Online, the accompanying text reads:

"The Never Say Never hitmaker clearly appeared to be enjoying the moment as he wore a broad smile across his face as he pulled off his hand[i]work."

It added: "While Justin was all smiles, the expression on Heidi's face turned from a beaming grin to a slight smirk, if that."

This is the picture.

Justin Bieber And Heidi Klum

(Photo: Bieber and Klum are camera-ready.)

We're not sure Klum's smile could be any wider. It's not so much a smile as a commercial for the benefits of teeth whitening.

Meanwhile, Bieber stares into the camera with an almost smile playing around his mouth.

In other words; the photo demonstrates the complete opposite of the UK publication's text.

The Inquisitr has previously pointed out examples of this kind of coercive reporting during Bieber's 14 month transit through his incident-prone Believe tour and later legal troubles.

In many instances critical toning has been appropriate. But in others, it has not. Bieber and Klum's harmless photo-op at the amfAR Gala is exactly that -- a harmless photo-op.

It will be interesting to see which outlets follow the 'grabs breast' angle and which draw more accurate observations.

Justin Bieber At amfAR Gala

(Photo: Bieber at the Gala.)

Similar misleading coverage followed Bieber's surprising meet with Jennifer Lawrence at Vanity Fair and Giorgio Armani's party last week, which was held at the Hotel du Cap.

VF reported Lawrence declared, "I want to meet Bieber!" as soon as she heard he arrived. The pair later exchanged pleasantries.

Since then, at least two outlets reported Jennifer turned down "Bieber's request" for a photo.

But the request didn't come from Bieber, as was made clear in VF's original report.

The Inquisitr contacted Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson for clarification.

Lawson confirmed "VF asked for the photo, not Justin," adding Lawrence's stated reasons were [just as E! News reported] that she wanted her introduction with Bieber to be "real" and "normal."

Justin Bieber, Harvey Weinstein, Lana Del Rey

(Photo: Bieber, Harvey Weinstein and singer Lana Del Rey posed together.)

Bieber himself stepped up his fashion game for the amfAR event.

The singer wore a black, double-breasted Dolce and Gabbana suit, completing with his smart look with a groomed hairstyle.

While Bieber has appeared shirtlessness at times during his Cannes visit --- most notably on the Croisette earlier this week --- according to his manager Scooter Braun, he made a good impression on celebrity party rounds with his "polite," "respectful" attitude.

Status event invites and photo-ops with mavens Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Roberto Cavalli, Diane Von Furstenberg and others as well as appreciation from amfAR to Bieber, seems to show the star gave a good account of himself in Cannes when it counted.

The amfAR event reportedly raised $35 million on Thursday. Traffic baiting headlines aside, Bieber was one of those who stepped out for the cause.

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