MLB considering a new Dodger stadium

When I first heard about this story, it didn’t make a heck of a lot of sense. However, after pondering it for a while it might make perfect sense. In a story reported by and others, it may just be that Major League Baseball reached out to AEG, who are trying to build a NFL stadium in downtown Los Angeles, about the possibility of building a new Dodger stadium downtown close to the AEG owner Staples Center.

First and foremost Dodger Stadium is awesome no doubt, but it is currently the third oldest active ball park in MLB, and the Dodgers have called it home since 1962. On top of that, Frank McCourt owns most of the land, and the stadium itself in a separate company that MLB does not have control over. Even if they wrestle control of the team away from him, he will likely still own the Stadium and a lot of the land around the stadium. He of course will make it tough for the new owners to do, well to do anything.

This of course may be just a threat, a way for MLB to get leverage over McCourt and get him to sell the team, stadium, and land back to them. However, there are some concerns about Dodger Stadium. Sure, they ranked third in attendance for 2010, but many of their fans come in late. That is the number one complaint I hear about that team and stadium. A downtown stadium might help their fans get to the park on time and help this team make a lot of money.

For now, this is only a rumor, and I seriously doubt that it will come to fruition. However, it does look like MLB is ready to fight McCourt as much as he is ready to fight them over control of the Dodgers.