Jerry Seinfeld Earned $400 Million Last Year: Richest Actor In World

Jerry Seinfeld earned $400 million last year thanks to syndication deals for the sitcom “Seinfeld,” according to a recent survey done by Wealth-X, a Singapore-based company that researches the ultra wealthy, making him the richest actor in the world.

The top ten stars are collectively worth around $4.84 billion.

With the $400 million payday in 2013, Seinfeld pushed his net-worth to an estimated $820 million.

The second richest actor is Shah Rukh Khan of India with an estimated worth of $600 million. Never heard of him? Not many people have unless you live outside the United States.

Khan is a superstar actor with a global fan base, he has multiplied his assets by also being a producer, TV host and media and sports investor according to Variety.

Khan, 48, is one of the biggest stars of India’s movie industry, which is the phenomenon known as Bollywood according to ABC News.

He began with television roles and starred in the hit film “Deewana” in 1992.

Khan has won many awards and was nominated for “Best Actor” for the film “Chennai Express” at the 15th annual International Indian Film Academy’s Weekend and Awards in Tampa, FL last month. He is known as the “Tom Cruise of India,” according to IMDB.

Behind Seinfeld and Khan, the rest of the top ten came out as follows:

3. Cruise $480 million

4. Tyler Perry $450 million

5. Johnny Depp $450 million

6. Jack Nicholson $400 million

7. Tom Hanks $390 million

8. Bill Cosby $380 million

9. Clint Eastwood $370 million

10. Adam Sandler $340 million

Keanu Reeves, thanks to his royalties in “The Matrix” movies would have most likely made the list. Celebrity Net Worth ran a story in April saying Reeves gave away $75 million of his estimated $350 net worth.

“Seinfeld” went off the air in 1998. The syndication deals along with more recent projects like the 2007 “The Bee Movie,” have kept the 60-year old very wealthy. Seinfeld also is still doing stand-up comedy across the United States.

The survey only considered wealth made from acting and not outside sources.

While no women made the list, at least two have more significant wealth than the actors who did.

Dina Merrill, who has several credits as an actress in movie, TV, and stage performances has a net-worth of $5 billion and was involved in business deals with Lehman Brothers, who went defunct in 2008.

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, who portrayed Elaine Benes on “Seinfeld” and current HBO series “VEEP” star has a net-worth of $3 Billion. She is the daughter of Gerard Louis-Dreyfuss, chairman of Louis-Dreyfuss energy services.

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