Yahoo Sends Shareholders Strong Plea

Following yesterday’s rumors of rekindled talks between Yahoo and Microsoft, Yahoo execs have sent a letter to shareholders basically begging to keep their jobs while saying nothing new.

The letter emphasizes the fact that the Google ad deal “does not prevent Yahoo from pursuing other alternatives that could increase stockholder value” and even goes on to more specifically say “it would not preclude a transaction with Microsoft … in the future.”

The note then segues into a long-winded description of many things we’ve heard before about why the Microsoft deal didn’t work out in the first place. Finally, the manifesto ends with a verbose plea for shareholders to ignore Carl Icahn and vote for them, because — as they put it — “Your Current Board of Directors Has the Knowledge, Experience and Commitment to Best Represent Your Interests and Maximize Stockholder Value.” Every word is capitalized, so it must be important.

Want more? Read the whole thing for yourself below.

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