June 16, 2013
Colbie Caillat Says American Idol Passed On Her- Twice

Now she's a Grammy winner, but 26-year-old singer Colbie Caillat struck out a few times before she hit it big.

The songstress admitted on Today that she was passed over for selection on American Idol not once, but twice and that she didn't even get to perform for judges. Caillat recounts how she was knocked out at the pre-audition stage the first time:

"I was in the auditions that you are outside with thousands of people," Caillat, who released her third album, "All of You," on Tuesday, said on the Today show. "You sleep on the street."
Caillat reveals that she performed a song she'd written for her second shot at Idol fame, called "Bubbly." That song later skyrocketed to number one on the Adult Contemporary Billboard Chart in 2007. Caillat says her shyness may have prevented Idol judges from taking her seriously:
"I am shy, I am nervous. I don't audition well. I didn't look great and I didn't get it," she said.