Airbus Has An Answer Ready For The New Boeing 777x, But It Is Tricky

Boeing is making waves with its latest jetliner, the super–sized 777x. Not to be outdone, its arch rival, the Airbus, has been quick at coming up with a response. However, the response might not be what the fans of the airline and its supporters are looking for right now.

Airbus will merely keep evolving the design of its existing A380 superjumbo in response to Boeing’s latest jetliner, the 777X, which has been bolstered by “unacceptable” Washington state subsidies, the head of the European plane–maker said on Monday. Fabrice Bregier, the Chief Executive of the plane-making unit of Airbus Group, was referring to the $8.7 Billion in tax breaks that Boeing has received from the U.S. Government, reported CS Monitor.

As expected, Boeing denied the tax breaks for 777x were unfair and countered the allegations by saying Airbus was receiving banned European support. However, the question is about which plane currently rules the skies and the answer is currently very clear.

Boeing Now Appears To Have Multiple Aces Over Airbus

The new Boeing 777x has already turned heads and grabbed attention of at least 4 commercial airline operators. Interestingly, manufacturing of the plane won’t start until 2017 and the first 777x jumbo–jet won’t roll out of the Boeing’s hangar before 2020. Despite these disappointing facts, the new 777x is certainly an impressive multi–sitter commercial jet.

The Specifications Of Boeing 777x Certainly One-Up The Present Competition

As per official specifications, the twin-aisle superjumbo will be available in two models: First up is the 777-8x, which is capable of transporting 350 passengers for 9,300 nautical miles without refueling; the cabins will have larger windows and more luxurious surroundings. The second variant is the 777-9x, which will be able to transport 400 passengers for 8,200 nautical miles without refueling.

In face of the intensifying competition, all Airbus could come up with were excuses about subsidies and this doesn’t bode well for the company. The second-largest jet leasing company in the world, Netherlands-based AerCap Holdings, has already announced that it would be buying Boeing’s 777x. But what can be truly considered an insult is the fact that the company won’t even explore the option of Airbus’s proposal to remake its A380 or A333 jets to make them bigger and more fuel-efficient.

Airbus Appears To Have Been Successfully Out-delivered by Boeing

Airbus has said the tax breaks distort the economics of building Boeing’s largest ever twin-engine jet in the state, where most of its commercial operations are based. While this may be a hard fact, Airbus has a hard future in its path, now that Boeing has brought forth not one but two variants of its 777x that promise more mileage and cheaper air–travel.

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