Herceptin and NeuVax Used In New RXi Pharmaceuticals Cancer Vaccine Patent

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corp., has received patent approval for their new experimental breast cancer vaccine which became part of the company’s arsenal after acquiring Apthera Inc. in April of this year.

The specific patents in question regard using the vaccine NeuVax with the drug Herceptin which is used in women to slow the production of the HER2 protein in tumors, while NeuVax attempts to make the body’s immune system fight off cancerous cells.

According to The Telegram:

“The patents also cover using NeuVax in patients not eligible for Herceptin treatment.”

With their patent in place the company plans to begin human tests in early 2012.

According to RXi the patents were developed by Dr. George E. Peoples, director of the Cancer Vaccine Development Program for the U.S. Military Cancer Institute and RXi is leasing the patents for their own work.