What should the Boston Red Sox do at the trade deadline?

Now that we have looked at what each American League team has done in the first half, we can start to take a look at what some of the contenders should do at the trade deadline. I came across an interesting article like this over at Hardballtalk.com, and they focused in on what the BoSox should do between now and the July 31st MLB trade deadline.

The good folks over at HBT and I agree that the number one concern on this team is starting pitching. Not because it has been horrible, but because of the loss of Daisuke to Tommy John surgery. On top of that, two of their other starting pitches are on the disabled list, and that is a problem. The folks over there think they should target Matt Garza, and that would be great but I don’t see the Chicago Cubs letting him go. HBT goes as far as to predict a deal that could land them Garza. I am not going to go that far.

I think they need to pick up one or two back of the rotation starters to shore up what they have until players return from injury. I do not have a specific target in mind, just an idea of a guy who can give them a quality start every fifth day. Like every other team in contention they could use some bullpen help, and that is something of an old bit as contending teams always look to stock up bullpen help for their stretch runs.

I think with the Carl Crawford injuries, the looks to already be retired struggles of JD Drew, and the struggles of Josh Reddick to pick up the slack for each of them that this team should look to bring in some OF help as well.

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