‘Watch Dogs’ Gameplay, How It Would Look On Commodore 64 [Video]

Watch Dogs gameplay is something fans have been waiting over half a year for, and it’s about to hit with what appears to be a proverbial vengeance. With all of this attention the developers are putting into making the graphics on games these days as crisp and realistic as possible, a video like this one shows us how it would have looked in the early days of computer gaming.

The Commodore 64 is one of the first computers ever made, about as old as the Atari 2600, so it obviously didn’t give us cutting edge visuals. Of course, the C64 game doesn’t really exist commercially, but that didn’t stop video makers from showing us how Watch Dogs gameplay would look on the obsolete computer.

The video begins with a CG background of the Commodore 64 itself, complete with a keyboard and a one button joystick, as a game cassette drops into the midst of it with convincing Watch Dogs commercial labeling. The logo and a picture of Aiden Pearce are clearly seen as it falls into place, complete with legal markings and everything.

The title screen gives it a subtitle, “The Demarco Assassination,” with the cleverly placed blurb about how it was made in 1989. The game begins and it’s a bunch of monotone people standing around as two of them (Aiden and Jordi) have a conversation in the middle. Jordi tells Aiden his plan is horrible and he loves it, and then gives him some things and walks away. Aiden then proceeds to walk away himself with his super cell phone in his hand.

This is relatively ironic, considering that cell phones didn’t even exist when the Commodore 64 was still relevant. Of course, neither did wireless communication, since even the internet was something only governments had access to at the time.

As Aiden Pearce walks along, he picks up small bits of info about people he’s passing. He happens to catch a Demarco employee just in time to discover they already know he’s there.

Watch Dogs gameplay could probably work on a minimal level on the Commodore 64, and this video proves it.

[image via GameSpot]