Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Divorce Reports: Their Reaction Might Surprise You

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have two different ways of looking at divorce reports often published about them. The two are survivors of an intense media glare that leads to rumors of divorce and fights over having children.

In an interview with Billboard, Lambert shares how she and her husband react to the negative press. As Music Times declared in their report, Blake and Miranda have had 45 months worth of pregnant versus 36 months of marriage, with four divorces in addition to that. Talk about craziness! Lambert told Billboard:

“I always heard ‘no publicity is bad publicity,’ and I don’t necessarily agree with that. But, if they’re talking about you, it’s a good thing, especially if you have a record coming out. It takes some getting used to.”

Miranda said Blake handles the spotlight a totally different way. He blows off the negative press. The 30-year-old said Blake reacts to it by shrugging it all off and adds:

“He doesn’t care at all. But girls are more sensitive. I’m like, ‘But they’re telling lies!'”

What does the country star say in reference to rumors that she and Shelton are either expecting a baby, or on the verge of divorce? Miranda Lambert wasn’t prepared to be the subject of scandalous tabloid stories in her stardom. She continues in her interview:

“None of it’s true. All of a sudden this page turned, and it was like overnight we couldn’t go to a restaurant. There’s people outside waiting, flashing cameras in our face, and I’m going, ‘What just happened?’ Nobody told me about this. I thought this was only in the magazines I bought at the airport, and now we’re in them!”

Blake and Miranda handle the divorce reports in a way that might surprise many — especially those who write those cover stories. She says:

“… It has actually brought us closer, which is probably the opposite of what they’re trying to do. We just laugh about it.”

There you have it. Blake and Miranda grow closer instead of apart during trial periods of unflattering reports.

Reps for Shelton and Lambert have denied any marital issues between them — including their decisions to have or not have children. But this doesn’t hold back magazines and celebrity gossip sites from publishing more of the same. Alleged “friends, pals, insiders, and sources” are cited by tabloids scrutinizing the country couple’s marriage. Lambert and Shelton are used as gossip fodder that evidently sells well.

Did Miranda set the record straight in her interview? Inquisitr has covered the cycle of divorce reports surrounding Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert in the past for readers seeking information on this power couple. It won’t be a shock if more divorce gossip is still ahead for them.

[Image via Getty Images/Huffington Post]