Rob Kardashian's Weight Gain Makes Him Almost Unrecognizable

Rob Kardashian has been photographed for the first time in months, and what fans have seen has them shocked. Rob has been dealing with weight issues on and off for the past few years, but after being photographed at the Los Angeles International Airport en route to Paris for sister Kim's wedding, fans are a bit worried for him and his health.

According to US Weekly, Rob has been struggling with his weight for a while, and has stayed out of the public eye for that reason. After seeing how the media has come down on him, it's no surprise that he wants to be left alone.

Just looking through the articles circulating online, it's no wonder Rob wants to stay out of the public eye. "Rob Kardashian's Weight Gain Causes Disgusting Amounts of Fat Shaming," and "Rob Kardashian – Would You Like Chicken or Fish? (OR BOTH)" are only two of the many articles floating around out there.

While there are many who will choose to mock Rob Kardashian for his weight gain and continual weight issues, many are worried and sympathize with the reality star.

According to US Weekly, Rob Kardashian's weight gain could stem from either binge eating or even medical reasons such as a thyroid problem. Either way, he has been working hard to keep up a work out schedule with Gunnar Peterson, who also trains sister Khloe.

TMZ even reported that Peterson is planning to fly to Paris later this week to keep Rob and Khloe on a decent workout schedule while out of the country for their sister Kim's wedding, which is set to take place later this weekend.

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