‘Harry Potter’ Spinoff ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Eyes Director From Original Series

The Harry Potter spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, may have just landed a director very familiar with the franchise. This particular director was the one behind Prisoner of Azkaban, one of many fans’ favorite from the series, even though it was the lowest-grossing of them all.

Alfonso Cuaron was the one who introduced theaters to Sirius Black in one of the biggest series of plot twists the series ever had. For half of the film, we were given the impression that Black had betrayed Harry’s parents and gotten them killed, and by the end we discovered he was Harry’s godfather and the closest thing to family he had left. Then just when it seemed all hope was lost, it turned out Hermione had been using a device which allowed herself and Harry Potter to go back in time and fix up the loose ends, and save several lives including their own.

The Harry Potter spinoff could be in good hands with Alfonso Cuaron at the helm, as Fantastic Beasts takes place 70 years before Harry Potter even arrives at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. One of the textbooks used in the original series is the focus of the new film trilogy, its author discovering said beasts in his own adventures.

The author of the book is Newt Scamander, who travels the magical side of New York City and encounters new characters and creatures. The film will probably take a similar route to Lord of the Rings, which was also written from the perspective of the authors involved. For the first time in the series, J.K. Rowling is writing the screenplay herself, so it could be interesting to see if she can pull it off.

Alfonso Cuaron is also the Oscar winning director of the space film Gravity, which reminded us that Sandra Bullock can still act after years away from the big screen, so we can expect a great trilogy.

Are you excited to see the new Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts? Do you think Alfonso Cuaron could be a worthy director to bring the trilogy to life?

[image via lenorediane]