This Dog Thinks She’s A Cat! Her Pictures Will Totally Brighten Your Day

This dog’s name is Tally, and she totally thinks she’s a cat!

Tally is biologically a husky. However, it appears she is a cat by heart. Raised with felines as a puppy, Tally must have picked up a few of their behaviors and adopted them as her own.

Tally, or Tao Tao wanders lazily around the house like a typical cat, according to Redditor DONG_OF_JUSTICE, who used to be the lucky owner of the husky. The owner further explained Tally’s amusingly bizarre behavior:

“She was raised with cats by her previous owners, and they only gave me puppy pictures without the cats.”

Today, Tao Tao seems like a cat stuck in a dog’s body. Just look at these wonderful pictures, and try to stop yourself from saying “awwwww”!


Here is Tally being regal and cat-like.


Who loves boxes more than cats? Tally, apparently?


Tally inside another box.


Tally’s laziness level: cat


Cats love ’em snow. And so does Tao Tao!


Here is Tally as a puppy, menacing as a ferocious feline!

On Imgur, the owner clarified that Tally is not completely husky and has malamute genes. On Reddit, DONG_OF_JUSTICE said that Tally didn’t bark much, recalling that the dog had only barked at least once in her life. We’re still waiting for official confirmation if Tally meows, because, seriously, that would really blow our minds.

Tally originally gained fame on a comment on another /r/aww thread a few days ago. Because Reddit clamored for more pictures, the dog’s owner decided to post more pics of the adorable Tao Tao. The owner explained:

“So my dog got a bit famous after I linked some pics on a Reddit comment. They were quickly reposted to Reddit, Imgur and Tumblr, and people would not stop asking for more pics, so I’m finally making an album! Here is the official introduction of Tally aka Tao Tao (it means mischievous in Chinese), the very cat-like husky.”

Sadly, Tally is no longer with DONG_OF_JUSTICE. She was given away to a family friend. The owner wrote on Reddit:

“My parents gave her away to some family friends a few years ago, because of her extensive shedding and because we couldn’t give her the attention she deserved (among other things, she needed at least two 1-1.5hr walks every day).”

“They’re treating her excellently and she’s happy, so I’m happy. She’s not the kind of dog that’ll get homesick, but she’s still super excited when we visit her, which is really cute. :)”

To see more of Tally, here is the complete album posted on Imgur.

What do you think of Tally the dog? Does she really seem cat-like?

[Images from Imgur]