Amber Rose: Sunglasses Covered Half Her Face At Billboard Music Awards

Amber Rose sunglasses

Amber Rose took the concept of eyewear to a new level on Sunday night when she graced the red carpet for the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, wearing the biggest, most futuristic sunglasses you’ve ever seen.

Along with her signature shaved blonde hair look, Rose really stood out for the photographers’ cameras at the event, posing for pictures alongside her husband Wiz Khalifa, who himself looked, by most accounts, pretty gangsta.

Amber Rose has been a fan of big shield sunglasses for a while, having made them part of her signature look on stage. But the pair she chose for the Billboard event went above and beyond anything the young star has attempted before.

Apart from the blonde shaved hair and the massive sunglasses, Amber Rose looked pretty normal, wearing a simple all-black outfit which covered her whole body. The fact that more than half of her face was not visible is besides the point. And just to top off the all-black look, she wore some black lipstick as a finishing touch to her ensemble.

Her rapper husband, who was one of the award show’s presenters, went for a street look which was quite daring considering the fact that Khalifa was standing on the prestigious red carpet. He wore a simple white dress shirt with some designs on it along with a white jacket and a pair of ripped up black jeans.

To finish off his dreadlock street look, the rapper sported a black and white bandanna and some traditional bling in the form of an old school gold chain, a watch and some rings.

Being the good husband that he is, Khalifa made sure to hold his wife’s hand tightly, never letting go, as the media and fans bustled around her.

Obviously, once inside the MGM Garden Arena, Amber Rose kept her massive sunglasses on for the duration, much to the bemusement of the other stars present at the event. Another star at the event, Nicki Minaj, was so taken with Amber’s look that she posted a selfie of her and Amber Rose on Instagram with the caption: “Oh hey Am”.