Global Hacker Crackdown: Over 100 Hackers Arrested In Connection With ‘Blackshades’

Over 100 people have been arrested in a global hacker crackdown, according to authorities. CNN reports that the FBI and police in several countries around the globe have worked diligently to nab hackers connected to the malicious software called “Blackshades.” The investigation has been going on for years, but many are happy with the recent bust.

The malware — which is relatively cheap and not illegal to purchase — has been used to hijack people’s computers. Not only can hackers access a person’s computer files, but they can also “turn on webcams, access hard drives and capture keystrokes to steal passwords without the victim’s knowledge.”

Those arrested in the global hacker crackdown may have committed crimes from blackmail to bank fraud — and everything in between. What makes this case so difficult is the fact that “Blackshades” is, as previously mentioned, legal. Many people purchase the software in order to access their own computers remotely. For this reason, police can’t just track down everyone who has purchased “Blackshades” and have them arrested. The investigation is taking time, but the recent arrests prove that work is being done to hold hackers accountable.

hackers arrested all over the globe

CNN reports:

“Hints of the crackdown emerged last week as Internet forums used by hackers lit up with reports from Blackshades users in Europe, Canada and the United States. Word quickly spread that the FBI and police in several other countries were knocking on doors, seizing computers and questioning suspects.”

The global hacker crackdown is still in high gear. According to Time, there are several more hackers being sought, many here in the United States. It is unclear how many innocent people have been affected by these hackers, but police hope to eventually put an end to all illegal use of “Blackshades.” Unfortunately, there will always be some way for hackers to succeed, but with police showing that they will continue to work to find these criminals, it puts a dent in many hacker’s plans.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jared James Abrahams, 19, was previously arrested for hacking into the computer of Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf. Abrahams used “Blackshades” to take pictures of the young beauty queen and used the photos to blackmail her. Abrahams also hacked into several other computers and obtained nude photos of women who ranged in age from late teens to early 20s. He pleaded guilty to charges brought against him in November of 2013.

Authorities are hopeful that the global hacker crackdown will bring hackers around the world to justice.

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