Game-Ception? Oculus Rift Title Lets You Play Virtual Game Boy

An Oculus Rift game will let you play a virtual Game Boy, meaning you’re playing games while you’re playing a game. Could this have been inspired by the movie Inception?

The first portable game console ever made was a technological breakthrough. It allowed gamers to play a variety of titles by swapping out cartridges, making those Tiger portable games obsolete. You still had two action buttons, but the Game Boy could do so much more with them.

The graphics were a pixellated jumble of black and gray shades on a green background, but there were so many ways to use it that we were able to get portable Zelda, Mario, and even Final Fantasy to go. Of course, the game that everybody played because it was addicting and it came free with the console, was Tetris.

Now, with the Oculus Rift, you can do that again, only you’re playing a virtual Game Boy inside a game.

The next-gen gamers who crave the 1080p 60fps graphics might laugh at this, but for nostalgia, it’s probably cheaper to use this emulator than it is to buy an actual Game Boy. The console itself currently sells brand new on Amazon for around $250, over twice what it cost when it originally launched.

That’s the nature of collectors’ items: You end up spending almost as much for a console that’s over two decades old and obsolete as you would for a brand new Nintendo Wii U.

The background is mildly detailed in the emulator, looking like little more than a lightly furnished room in tones of white and gray, eerily similar to the graphics of the original Game Boy. It almost seems like a different home that you’re playing a virtual Game Boy in, but you’ll probably be so busy playing Tetris that you won’t notice much about the room itself.

It seems the Oculus Rift has become a platform for “game-ception.”

[image via kioskea, flickr]