Cop Uses JPX Pepper Spray On DUI Driver, ‘Eyeballs Were Literally Blown Into Pieces’

After a cop pulled over a driver for a suspected case of drunken driving, but when she allegedly resisted he used a pepper spray gun that completely destroyed her eyes.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, students in a university pepper sprayed their professor as part of a so-called citizen’s arrest. But in another school where students pepper sprayed each other the entire high school was evacuated. But the worst case ever is when a two-year-old boy was pepper sprayed during a road rage incident.

Police officer Enoch Clark is on trial for four felony counts of assault by a police officer and causing great bodily injury. It’s claimed that when Clark attmpeted to arrest 34-year-old Monique Hernandez she was just pulling out of her home. The police dashcam video shows Hernandez with her hands behind her back while Clark questioned her about her blood alcohol concentration. Hernandez insists she was not resisting but Clark told her to stop resisting or he would “JPX” her.

The reference to JPX to refers to a department-issued JPX gunpowder-propelled pepper spray weapon. When Clark was attempting to put on the handcuffs, the video shows Clark using an aiming laser on her face and then firing both charges of the pepper spray from less than one feet away. The force of the blast “sliced her right eye in half, fractured her right orbital bone and severed the optic nerve in her left eye.”

Deputy District Attorney Michael Carney says that Hernandez is completely blinded from the pepper spray:

“Every single day, she goes to bed at night, dreaming of a time when she used to be able to see. When Monique Hernandez wakes up, the world is still dark because her sight was violently taken from here. Her eyeballs were literally blown into pieces, and the person who did this was a police officer.”

Clark’s attorney Steve Sanchez claims the Beaumont police department did not properly train its officers how to properly use the JPX pepper spray and didn’t understand how it worked. He also argues that the injuries were not intentional and that Clark was doing what he was trained to do:

“Most jurors can’t convict cops because police have the right to use force. It’s part of their job. No one in this courtroom is happy Monique Hernandez is blind. But even when police are doing their job the right way, injuries happen.”

The Beaumont Police Department claims it told officers to not fire the pepper spray gun unless it was more than five feet, but they still have stopped using the JPX guns after the woman was injured by Enoch Clark.