2011 Seattle Mariners mid season review

The Seattle Mariners have a 43-48 record and sit in third place in the American League West. They have built that record on a 9-9 stint in interleague play, including a 0-3 series against the Washington Nationals. They are 11-14 against their three divisional opponents, and have only beaten the Oakland A’s consistently. They are at their best against the A’s, San Diego Padres, and Detroit Tigers. Otherwise, they have been beaten up by a number of clubs.

The Mariners offense has scored just 301 runs on 672 hits. It should surprise no one that those are the worst numbers in the American League. Mariners hitters have struck out, the third most times in the AL, and have 272 walks. None of their regular nine starters are hitting over .300, and the team Batting Average is just .224 worst in the AL. Three of their nine regular starters are hitting worst than .200, and that is a big problem.

Overall, the pitching staff looks pretty good. They have given up 319 runs, and the staff ERA is 3.25. That is the second best team ERA in the AL. Of course, the have King Felix Hernandez, and he has eight wins and a 3.19 ERA. However, Michael Pineda also has eight wins and a 3.03 ERA. Mariners pitchers have struck out 633 hitters, and issued just 236 walks. That is the lowest free pass total in their league.

Since their starting pitchers are so good, and still relatively young the Mariners really have something they can build on. Offense is a problem, and on average is significantly older that their pitching staff. I think they have made some mistakes with trades and free agents, and should work towards developing some position players for themselves.

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