Prank Vs. Prank: Hot Pepper Extract Revenge [VIDEO]

Earlier on The Inquisitr, we brought to you the first five episodes in the third season of Epic Rap Battles of History. Now, we bring you some classics that have never aired here before. Prepare to fall in love with the crazy antics of Jesse and Jeana. They show their love for each other by doing outlandish pranks. Welcome to Prank vs. Prank.

Jesse got his girlfriend Jeana good with a prank that included the seventh hottest extract in the world. The aftermath was hilarious... well not for Jeana. Now six months later, Jeana wants to get revenge for what Jesse did to her as she adds the extract to his Mexican food. Once he bites into it, he realizes what Jeana has done to him as he sprints for the freezer and starts to eat ice cream in hopes of attacking the heat early on. Unfortunately for him, it is a futile attempt.

The reactions are totally different for Jesse, mostly because he knows what is about to come. Jeana, through experience, warns her boyfriend on what is going to happen. This includes the heat intensifying to an extreme in about five minutes. This is proven through Jesse's screams of pain:

Just like before, you'll get it while watching the video.

For more videos in Prank vs. Prank, check out their Youtube Page. They also have another channel known as BF vs. GF.

[Image via Youtube Screencap]