Prank Vs. Prank: Hot Pepper Extract In Sushi [VIDEO]

Earlier on The Inquisitr, we brought to you the first five episodes in the third season of Epic Rap Battles of History. Now we bring you some classics that have never aired here before. Prepare to fall in love with the crazy antics of Jesse and Jeana. They show their love for each other by doing outlandish pranks. Welcome to Prank vs. Prank.

In a previous prank, Jeana got her boyfriend, Jesse, badly with a sandwich. Key ingredient: sand from the beach. Means it was a real sandwich after all! Of course Jesse wouldn't take the prank laying down, and now it is his turn for some sweet revenge. This time, he is in charge of picking up dinner for the both of them. He also picked up a bottle of hot pepper extract. The dangerous thing about this extract is it is the seventh hottest extract available on the market and should only be used as an ingredient. Imagine what would happen if a whole eyedropper full of that extract was inserted into a piece of sushi and Jeana were to eat a piece.

The reactions when Jeana realizes what has happened is epic as she tries in vain to tamper the heat. Every thing she does doesn't even work to the point she begs Jesse for assistance, in which he doesn't know what to do. I guess Jesse didn't think this one through. I will write one thing though:

You'll get it while watching the video.

For more videos in Prank vs. Prank, check out their Youtube Page. They also have another channel known as BF vs. GF.

[Image via Youtube Screencap]