Epic Rap Battles Of History: Darth Vadar Versus Adolf Hitler (Round 3) [VIDEO]

For two seasons, EpicLLOYD and Nice Peter have given Youtube fans awesome scenarios when one iconic figure were to battle another iconic figure. However, this battle isn't just any battle. It is a rap battle. Ergo, Epic Rap Battles of History was created. Now with the beginning of season three, it seems Epic Rap Battles of History is nowhere near slowing down as we see classic match-ups slaughter each other with quick beats and sick rhymes.

Here on The Inquisitr, we bring you all the funniest videos that go viral on the internet, including Video Game Of Thrones. Now with Epic Rap Battles of History, the initial battle is a classic from the last two seasons: Darth Vadar versus Adolf Hitler. This video is very unique since numerous other characters from other Epic Rap Battles make appearances including Stephen Hawking, Abraham Lincoln, and even King Leonidas. This rap battle probably wasn't meant to be anything big since it has already been done two times before, but instead was to bring in the new season, since a lot of the rhymes are revised versions of previous rhymes from the last two battles. The ending is a bit different though. For the first time, it seems there is a clear cut winner as seen at the end of the video.

The reason for the battle in the first place: two epic villains squaring off in a verbal showdown. One is from mere fiction - though real to many Star Wars Fans - and one is from a dark time in history. Despite the lines its skirts, the duo make an excellent team as they bring something truly epic to Youtube fans.

For more Epic Rap Battles, check out the official webpage at Youtube.

[Image Via Youtube Screencap]